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Villain Smelling Salts

Villain Smelling Salts

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Villain Smelling Salts were created to get you FOCUSED and wake up your body right before your most significant lift!  Our Villain Smelling Salts are a popular tool that offers you the right amount of boost without causing your nose and eyes to stream or is so strong that you lose focus. This is a lasting bottle, which means no more need for breaking all those ammonia caps. 

What do smelling salts do?
Villain Smelling Salts release a gas called ammonia.  When inhaled, these can increase breathing, increase heart rate, and cause a momentary boost in strength, a long-standing tradition at weightlifting competitions. 

What are the salts made of?
Most Smelling Salts on the market are Aqua Ammonia-based, meaning they are a horror when they leak in your gym bag! Villain Smelling Salts consist of ammonium carbonate, so there is nothing to worry about spilling.


  • Entry & competition level smelling salts
  • All-round strength training 
  • Focus and power
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