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30" Villain "STIFF" Wrist Wraps - All Black

30" Villain "STIFF" Wrist Wraps - All Black

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Our NO THUMB LOOP All Black Villain "STIFF" 30" are great for strongman, powerlifting, weightlifting, etc..  These are VERY STIFF and are considered a CAST LIKE wrist wrap! Limited quantity while supplies last!

  • Redesigned loop.
  • Made with Stiffer material
  • Overall length is 30 inches including velcro.
  • 30 inches fabric + 4 inches Velcro = 34 inches.
  • Width of the wrap is 3 inches.
  • Velcro has a width of 2 inches to secure your wraps.
  • Double velcro for multiple attachment sites

Hand wash with light detergent and let air dry. Not following these instructions will void any warranty.

*It is advised to NOT machine wash this product.

Size tag in every wrist wrap will state how to wash your item and the length of the wrist wrap.

Tearing the label off will damage the integrity of your wrist wraps.  We recommend cutting this off if needed.  Any label found torn off will immediately void any warranty.

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